First Publication: March 10, 2005



City of Puyallup

State Highway Basin Plan

Proposals Due: April 7





The City of Puyallup, Washington is requesting proposals for planning, engineering, and water resources services from consulting teams to develop a basin plan for the State Highway drainage basin. The selected consultant team will work with City staff to compile information on the existing stormwater collection and conveyance system; collect additional data (including flow measurement) if needed to address key data gaps; perform hydrologic and hydraulic analyses to estimate system capacities and identify existing or potential problems areas; identify and evaluate alternatives for addressing problem areas; and develop a basin plan that includes conceptual CIP and possibly programmatic measures, as well as planning-level cost estimates.


Six (6) copies of the proposal are due by 4:00 PM, April 7, 2005 at the City of Puyallup Public Works Corporate Yard Office, 1100 39th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA, 98374. Postmarks are not acceptable. Specific requirements concerning consultant proposals are contained in this document.




The State Highway basin drains approximately 1,740 acres in the southeast portion of the City of Puyallup. At present, all stormwater runoff from the basin discharges into the State Route 512 drainage system, which is owned by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The SR 512 storm drainage system was constructed by WSDOT in the 1970s primarily to convey drainage from State Highway 512; however, it was designed to include additional capacity available for conveyance of stormwater drainage from the City of Puyallup outside the WSDOT right-of-way. The City is allowed to discharge up to 65 cfs of stormwater into the SR 512 drainage system. The SR 512 system ultimately discharges into the Puyallup River via a 72-inch pipe.


The southeast portion of the City has had substantial development in recent years, and more development is expected to occur in the near future. This development could increase stormwater runoff in the State Highway basin, which could exceed capacity of the existing conveyance system and exceed the allowable flow rate into the WSDOT system.


The purpose and goal of this project is to develop a basin plan for the State Highway basin. The plan will evaluate existing and potential drainage and flooding problems in the State Highway basin, and recommend capital improvement projects (CIP) and/or programmatic measures to correct or avoid these problems. This may require survey of key drainage system components, use of GIS tools, flow monitoring, and hydrologic and hydraulic simulations for evaluation and presentation purposes. Potential water quality impacts and environmental regulations will need to be factored into the analyses. The plan will also address compliance with the Cityís agreement with WSDOT, which limits City discharges into the SR 512 storm drainage system. The basin plan will specify recommended CIP and programmatic measures as appropriate, and contain an implementation schedule and cost estimates. The City may use the State Highway basin plan as an example for future basin plans.




The City project manager is Dan Repp, Assistant City Engineer, 253-841-5587. The consultant contract will need to be approved by Puyallupís City Council. The project will receive input from various stakeholders as defined during project startup.


BUDGET: The total project budget is $100,000.




Submission of Proposals


Six (6) copies of the Proposal shall be furnished to the City addressed as follows:


Proposal for State Highway Basin Plan

City of Puyallup

1100 39th Avenue SE

Puyallup, WA 98374

Attn: Dan Repp, Project Manager



Proposals are due on or before April 7, 2005 at 4:00 PM local standard time. Postmarks are not acceptable. Late proposals will not be considered.


Proposal Contents

Page Limit: Proposals shall be limited to ten pages (one page = one side) of material, not including the transmittal letter.


Transmittal Letter: Indicate the consultantís project manager and phone number, and that the proposal will be valid for at least 60 calendar days.


Understanding/Approach: Indicate your overall understanding of the project elements and your approach to completing the project. Include descriptions of project tasks and a proposed schedule for the project. The approach should realistically reflect the work that can be completed with the project budget.


Project Organizational Chart: Depict lines of authority for staff and subconsultants (if any) who will be working on this project. Clearly indicate key staff members and their proposed roles and responsibilities.


Staff Qualifications: Provide bio-sketch summaries for each person who will work on this project. The summaries shall describe each personís proposed role on the project and their relevant qualifications and experience.


Team Experience: Experience descriptions must include members of the proposal team that worked on the project, and the name of the client and clientís project manager and telephone number. If desired, also provide information about additional firm or team resources and experience that may be available for the project if needed and applicable. Experience should focus on projects completed by the proposed team members in the last five years.




The City will respond to phone calls, meeting requests, and written inquires about the project. Direct inquires to Dan Repp, Project Manager, 253-841-5587. Proposals are to be based on the information presented in this Request for Proposals unless an addendum is issued.




Request Is Not Basis for Obligations


The RFP does not constitute an offer to contract and does not commit the City to the award of a contract to anyone, or to pay any costs incurred during the preparation and submission of proposals. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals that do not conform to the requirements stated herein. The City also reserves the right to cancel all or part of this RFP for any reason determined by the City to be in the public interest.




Proposals that conform to the proposal instructions will be evaluated. The proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria.


1. Qualifications/Experience of Project Manager leading similar types of projects and knowledge of local conditions (25%).


2. Qualifications and relevant experience of firm(s) and key personnel on similar projects (35%).


3. Overall approach and process proposed to meet project goals and objectives (40%).


The city selection team may choose a consultant team based solely on the written proposals or may ask for oral interviews. If interviews are required, the City will notify the short-listed consultants and provide the following information:


1. The evaluation criteria for the oral interviews


2. Questions or issues the selection team would like the consultant to address at the interview


3. Time, location, and duration of interview


Oral interviews will include time for the consultants to make a presentation, plus time for questions and answers. After the interviews, the selection team will rank the consultants based on the evaluation criteria. The City will enter into negotiations with the highest ranking team to develop a final scope of work, fees, and contract terms. If the negotiations fail, the City will notify the firm in writing that further negotiations are terminated. The City will then begin contract negotiations with the firm ranked second by the selection team. If no agreement is reached, the City may start a new selection process.