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On this page are links to examples that others have used or have recommended for use in a Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) of professional construction services. These examples are of high quality and should be helpful in guiding a QBS process to a fair and uncontested conclusion.

A word of caution, however, is appropriate to anyone determined to employ a QBS strategy for the first time. Successful QBS, while entirely practicable, is not a process to be found ready-made or wholly described by recipe in an article or book, or by example. To be fair, QBS may be more art than science.

Practice has shown that QBS procedures are often incompletely described in examples. Guides on how to do QBS are usually best regarded as outlines of the major parts to this type of selection. All guidelines are likely to be lacking in the details essential to success in any particular application.

There is no substitute for the experience of active participation in administering a Qualifications-Based Selection process to learn how details can affect the smooth running of a selection. Lacking seasoning in actual QBS proceedings, one would be well advised to seek the assistance of someone so experienced. Therefore, the reader is urged to study the examples at the links below, as they are commendable. Recognize, however, that no example will provide for every circumstance.

We encourage interested parties to contact QBS Georgia at (404) 521-2324 to learn more about the QBS process and to obtain free assistance in developing the polices and procedures necessary to achieve the best results. QBS Georgia can provide telephone consultations or can send experienced personnel to your location to assist.

Click QBS Florida for a link to a memo by Mr. Kaye Henderson (former head of the Florida DOT),  on his experiences with QBS in the Florida DOT.         

Click Qualifications-Based Selection for Professional Services for a link to a presentation delivered November 2005 to Georgia City County Managers Association in Columbus, GA.

Click How to Prepare A Request For Qualifications for a link to a presentation prepared July 2005 by the QBS Georgia Steering Committee. For handout material provided at APWA Georgia Chapter's annual conference, please click RFQ Handouts.

Click Statewide Construction Manual for a link to the STATE OF GEORGIA PROCEDURES FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION.


California Society of Professional Engineers. CSPE supports and enforces QBS regulations for the selection of engineering professionals by local agencies throughout the state of California.

Architects and Engineers Conference Committee of California published QBS guide (1993).


QBS Colorado. QBSColorado is an organization formed by AIA/CO, ACEC/CO and Professional Engineers of Colorado to become an advocate for qualifications based selection of professional services. "The mission of QBSColorado is to promote quality and value in professional design services in the construction industry. We believe that a professional and constructive relationship between the government client and design professional is paramount to ensuring team spirit, quality services, and a public building that is a credit to your organization and the citizens you serve."


Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission. Statewide Construction Manual. (Follow links containing "Selection Procedures for Design Professionals.")


Illinois Capital Development Board. State law mandates state agencies to select design professional firms based on demonstrated competence and professional qualifications.


Indiana QBS Coalition. The goal of the Indiana QBS Coalition is to promote an understanding and acceptance of the merits and benefits of procuring professional services by using the Qualifications Based Selection process within the community, trade organizations, and clients.


AIA Iowa. An Iowa coalitions has published "QBS: A Guide for Selecting an Architect or Engineer For Public Owners".


ACEC Kansas. FAQ on QBS.  

AIA Kansas. Very thorough set of model documents.


Kentucky Engineering Center. Statement on QBS.


AIA Maryland. The Maryland Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Council was formed to help and show Maryland public agencies and architectural/engineering design firms how to select the most qualified A/E design firms in ranked order.


ACEC Michigan Statement. QBS Michigan Guidelines.




ACEC Ohio.  Document on legal compliance and QBS.

Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs, Miami University.







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